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Monday, January 31, 2011

Cafe Purple

On the north east side Lake Washington opposite  of Seattle is a land that is partially populated with employees of a famous software and programming mecca that shall heretofore be called Computerland. Surely, there must be many decent and friendly single men who work there. Many others are married and still others get gorgeous blond mail order brides from Russia.
Early on in this experiment. I met Michael on the same dating site. A second generation Greek divorcee with similar taste in music and movies to my own, we had some good conversations and  he asked me to meet him for drinks at Cafe Purple, an excellent restaurant and wine bar near the Computerland campus.
I wore a skirt, suede boots, and a ballet neck sweater, not too sexy, and not too casual for the place and time. The hostess directed me to a table and Michael and I said our hellos. We talked about the kinds of people we'd met on the dating site and how they were mostly nice enough. Since I was driving, I ordered a seltzer with lime and he ordered water.  He then went on to tell me how he had several patents that Computerland was trying to take from him.  As my eyes glazed over, I heard him change tone. "You know, " he said, "I should have known my third wife was a con artist. I moved to New Zealand for her and she took my money."
"Your third wife?" I said.
"Oh don't worry I can still get married in the church."
"Well,"  I said, "I guess we all have our share of bad luck but as long as we learn from it right?"
The waitress came by and asked if we wanted anything else.As with all "drinks," dates that occur at a restaurant at six or seven PM, dinner is somewhat implied, but never a sure thing. I waited for him to reply. or to ask me.
"Nope, just more water for me," he said and continued with his theory of southern European history while simultaneously texting.
I tried to seif he would notice if I made  weird face or cleared my throat. He didn't
A few minutes later the bill came and I waited for him to take out his wallet. Finally he did. And as he paid the  four dollar bill he said,
"You know, usually I date women much more accomplished and better looking than you."
I didn't know if he had read some book about how to pick up women or if he was just rude, and frankly I didn't care.
"That seems to have worked out well for you so far," I said politely, "good luck." and walked out.
As I write this, I wonder if that line has worked on anyone else. Either way, he can always remarry in the church .

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