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Saturday, May 7, 2011

Single Men 30-40 in the Seattle Area

by me,

I am sure there are many nice single guys my age who are great relationship material. I just haven't met them yet.


Anonymous said...

Unfortunately and tragically true Katie! lolz. I'll show this to my sorority sisters when we meet for lunch!

Anonymous said...

Thank goodness I'm married. Funny and sad at t he same time; your speciality

Anonymous said...

This one is going out to my cousin. thanks to you, I have become that person who forwards things all the time. lol Too true, and still pretty awful!

Katie said...

Glad I could help anonymous.

Anonymous said...

yeesh, the microserfs. I'm tired of them too! Have you heard that seattle has some of the best demographics for single women? More men apparently. I guess they didn't look into the quality eh?
I'm putting this on the fridge next to the dating lies chart to keep me on my toes. You rock!

Katie said...

I can't claim to have created the term. Douglas Copeland wrote a book called Microserfs about 15 years ago. However, we use the term differently. Mine is derogatory, his is sympathetic.