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Friday, May 13, 2011

Moby Video a parable for our times



Anonymous said...

oh no, teh kitteh! good song though.

Anonymous said...

how is it a parable? You use such big words lol

Katie said...

It represents, to me at least, how lonely people can feel in the otherwise crowded world. The part where more space ships land means that there will be more lonely furballs. It's a sad video. The saddest part is when all the others get picked up and the hero of the piece doesn't. Don't we all feel that way sometimes?

Anonymous said...

is it wrong to cry at an animated video? That was so sad. Did younotice he/she was the only striped one? Do you ever feel that way as a redhead Katie?

Katie said...

Hi anonymous, you can leave your name, I won't insult you or anything. And yes, doesn't everyone?