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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

So Maybe I Should Ask More Questions

Good news all! I am done with classes as of August 18th. Except for my thesis/project this Winter, I'm done with papers, QRQs, lesson plans, $100 textbooks, the commute to the beautiful haven that is Broadway in Everett.

Lovely Broadway in Everett WA. About 1 mile from school.
Today, for example, I stopped at MacDonalds to get a yogurt parfait to be accosted by not one but two different guys asking for money because they just got out of jail. (I'd work on my pitch if I were you guys.) Then as I stood in line, this weird looking guy in his 20s flipped out about not having light mayo on his double cheeseburger. He demanded a new burger by yelling and when the people on the line didn't hear him and one said, "no" in conversation with another line worker, he flipped out.
"You won't give me a new burger! You can't just scrape the mayo off, I want a NEW BURGER!!!"
I looked cautiously at the guy next to me and remembered Zomieland rule number 17, Know Your Exits. I planned on bolting through the door to my right or heading for the walk in freezer to hide. Either that, or I'd silently text  the police. Luckily, the guy calmed down as the manager explained that they would not scrape the mayo and would give him a new burger. I wondered what would have happened if they refused?
Good news; after August, I won't have to find out! Whoo hooooo!
I will be wearing one of these sooner than I first thought!

Masters Hood Directions http://www.pcci.edu/graduation/images/HoodInstructions.png
Loveley Broadway on Everett, (Note the bail bonds place.) http://www.google.com/http://farm6.static.flickr.com/5108/5620614278_bd37699d12.jpg

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