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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Help Wanted, Apply Within

I have a long commute with very little to look at except for strip malls and other cars. I turn to NPR for the news for about five minutes but cannot stand any longer because it makes me cry and showing up for class with puffy eyes would certainly reflect upon the "professionalism" section of my grade. I then turn to the local alternative station The End or the local non-profit independent station KEXP.  On the way home last night sandwiched between an advert for engagement rings and a song about love gone awry was this little gem:
"I save the world every day," says a Tom Cruise like voice. "And no one ever knows it."                “Inquire about covert services at the CIA. Live the news instead of watching it? Equal opportunity employer."
The last part was my favorite because I would guess that, for example a person in a wheelchair or who was even just shard of hearing or wore strong glasses would have some major problems in operations. I don't claim to know anything about the spy game, but I'd guess that most spies don't secretly listen to someone and when they can't hear them yell out, "Huh? Could you repeat that?" So I don't think that last line is quite honest.  Is anyone else concerned that the CIA is advertising for spies? You would think that there would be a glut of people applying but I am told by a friend of a friend from high school who works in communications (putting up dishes and etc.) in Australia and the southern Pacific that most of the work is fairly pedestrian. Still, even he has to keep his work quiet. I always thought that the main reason many people applied to the agency was to be a spy, but in truth, I'm told many people are information analysts, translators, and office workers. Movies about a heroic file clerk would be pretty lame though.  Anyone who has ever read an Ian Flemming’ s Bond books knows that being a spy is soul-deadening, very important, and horrible work. Unlike in the Bond movies, the books usually end with our hero in a hospital recovering from multiple serious injuries, or a mental ward when M shows up and tells him to start again. I guess a Bond with PTSD, a neck brace, and third degree burns wouldn’t look as good in a tux. So for those of you looking for a job, the CIA is looking for spies, apply now, live in secret.... forever!


Anonymous said...

Sign me up! I know I can put my seduction skills to good use!

Anonymous said...

U think a deaf spy would be a good idea. No one would suspect.

Anonymous said...

I don't think you'd be a good spy, everyrone would be laughing all the time.