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Monday, March 21, 2011

Subsuburban Wildlife part II

So,I was up late on Saturday night and as I tried to get to bed I heard this weird yipping sound in the distance. Then the eerie howls started punctuated by excited yips. The howls and peals of glee at capturing some hapless animal and having a barbarian style feast seemed to creep closer. Now, I know that coyotes leave people alone for the most part, and as old cartoons will tell you are solitary creatures for the most part. I heard a group of at least five or six of them.  I remembered hearing about a "super pack" of over 400 wolves, . Could coyotes do the same thing? One or two isn't so bad but 400 of anything can be scary, even 400 hamsters would be unnerving.

Suburban coyotes usually look a bit like this

caninus coyotes

What I heard, I thought sounded more like this  x 400


Apparently in my mind, coyotes have become foodies. Tonight I'll listen for the frogs instead. As my dad says, "They eat bugs and sing you to sleep, what else could you want."

Pic credits
Wolf Pack: c http://www.feastoffun.com/topics/animals/2011/02/09/super-pack-of-400-wolves-on-the-loose-in-russia/
Coyote: http://www.informzoo.com/main/cat/17


Anonymous said...

Isn't that what your pepper spray is for?

Anonymous said...

do you think there is such a thing as a super pack of coyotes?

Anonymous said...

those are siberian wolves. And yes, if they show up at your door, you hav eissues. Funny!