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Thursday, February 24, 2011

The Adultolescent

The Adultolescent AKA the Man-child:  His photos have one common theme, red solo cups and raised arms either in a bar or standing by expensive car. This species is split into two sections: adultolescents who have never married and those who are divorced. For some reason, this species suffers from Peter Pan syndrome and has decided that he should live like he wanted to when he was 21 This species is  often still trying to get their grunge band a record deal. He wears short pants, t-shirts with holes in them, and is sporting at least two huge tattoos. Claiming that he needs to find himself, he behaves like an angsty twenty- year- old. He usually lives in a loft or a basement of a friend or relative's house. His abode is sparse and usually only contains a bed, desk and computer. It is usually quite similar to a freshman's dorm room in appearance.
Typical Pick up Line
 " I usually date women much younger than me. I'm a
renaissance man really. I'm dropping out of clown college tomorrow and I think I'll learn how to be a physical therapist. Either that or maybe go to bartending school, or maybe open my own guitar manufacturing business, or flip houses.I'm going through, you know an existential crisis.  I went to the best party the other night and then I came home, ate a frozen pizza and played second life drunk all night. My roommate has the best hookup for weed Besides, I only want something casual, you know Friends with benefits. So, are you a "real," redhead. (Snicker)."


Anonymous said...

Sorry to tel you this, but I've met men and women alike in their 30s and 40s who still do body shots and go to Spring break every year.

Katie said...

I believe it. I've heard of an extended adolescents but by the time you are 30 you should have some grown-up traits