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Monday, February 14, 2011

Old Age

For reasons unknown to me, I've started getting AARP notices in my e-mail. I turned 36 in November and at this rate, won't retire well into my seventies. I wonder if they think that they should catch me now before I get much older and forget.
Last year when I turned 35, the adverts on Facebook abruptly changed from things like, "See the world with friends!" or "Meet other singles near you!" one day to
" Menopause problems?" "Do you have funeral insurance?" and my favorite, "Lonely?"  I guess after 35 they don't try the soft sell with dating sites any more.
Sometimes I feel kind of old though. For example, I do not get Justin Bieber. I'm sure he's a nice enough kid, but? And I swear I sounded like those old Cathy cartoons the other day when I was looking for skirts and the longest one would have barely covered my bottom. "Who wears these?" I asked and the salesgirl said, "Everyone."
Unlike Cathy, though I didn't say AAARgh or pull out my hair. I also didn't buy the skirt which is called a tulip skirt but really looks more like an elaborate diaper. I'm too old and too young simultaneously for that thank goodness.

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Anonymous said...

I just turned 35 and I get those and facebook ads that say things like, "cover your burial expenses and don't become a burden to your family." Do they know something i don't?