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Thursday, February 24, 2011

The Grumpy Old Man

The Grumpy Old Man: The Grumpy Old man is similar to the Self-Proclaimed -Genius except he often has the academic background to partially back it up. Usually in his late thirties or early 40s, he is often mistaken as being his date's  father.  His affectations include saying Tuesday as teeoosday whereas in the NW we say it more like “twosday.” Though he may possess a fine academic mind, his interpersonal skills are appallingly bad. In a similar nuniform to that of an 80 year-old English sheep farmer from the 19th century, all wool cap and patches on the elbows of his jacket, he will talk about his problems with bowel regularity or how teenagers are scandalous
Though he doesn’t know anything about even the most basic pop culture or news, he is well read on his area of expertise which he will talk about for at least two hours. Guilty of putting women on a pedestal, he can be brutal;y cruel when they do not match is expectations exactly.He looks down upon women who can cook or who think marriage and having a family can be a good idea. He calls such women Plebes.
Typical Pick up line:
Him: I don’t’ like television or modern music or most books or people. I only like bee bop jazz, vegan food, and tap water, much younger women who are beautiful and geniuses.. My attitudes are very European in that sense. ”


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How old was he anyway?

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All rabbits look disappointed to me!