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Friday, February 25, 2011

Technology rant!

After reading that a Facebook user can not play games unless he or she gives up more of their privacy by opting to go with http instead of https, I've vowed to stop playing Farmville. Growing fake crops and trees just isn't as interesting as it once seemed. Why on earth did it seem interesting in the first place?  Facebook puts up old people's ads for me and I'm beginning not to like it. To cement this notion of having my privacy sold out, I learned last week that some one tried to hack into my Facebook and yahoo accounts. My cousin Heidi alerted me to the fact that about a week ago, Facebook decided to display people's phone numbers without telling users about it. Because, you can never get enough telemarketers at 5AM.
Early this morning, I read an e-mail from a high school friend claiming he and his wife were stuck in England and they were robbed, send money. Anyone who knows me at all knows I don't have money. geesh, what a bad con -artist this person must be.. Keep in mind that I haven't talked to this guy in over 15 years and the fact that he only makes a teacher's salary and the whole situation is very fishy.
I sometimes wonder who exactly gets up in the morning and says to him or herself, "I'm going to monkey with other people's computers." I understand that sometimes there is a profit to be made, but  I don't understand the purpose of computer viruses. Are these people trying to make a statement? Is it some kind of revenge for not going to the prom in high school?  The very existence of these nae'r do-wells makes life more difficult for everyone. I have to change my Western password ever few weeks and they won't let me do a predictable pattern like" abc!this is my password" .If I forgot my new password in this instance, I could just try defthisismypassword and so on. Between setting up a webpage, blog, school addresses and problems on yahoo, I've had to change  passwords at least twelve times in as many weeks. The number of passwords I need to get into different web sites is even more varied. I suppose  I could keep a list of them on my computer, but that would defeat my purpose.
I like technology for the most part, but I find that I am far too reliant on it. If my printer breaks,, if I forget to save something the right way , if I can't connect to the web, if I can't find answers to complex questions simply by typing the words into google, or if things move to slowly, I become livid and frustrated.
Sometimes, and I do mean only sometimes, becoming a Luddite doesn't look so terrible after all.

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Anonymous said...

I get attached to the fast pace of computers and printers and when goes wrong, it's catastrophic. Have you ever seen the comedian who talks about his printer going dead at 2am before a final paper due at 8? He took polaroids of the screen and hand wrote the rest out. Pretty ingenious really.