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Monday, February 21, 2011

The wedding part I

At some point, almost everyone asks God for a sign, a favor, or some help. Some say that God doesn't do signs by request since he's not a telephone operator or Santa Claus.At best, most of us can expect a sort of "maybe. what do you think?" kind of answer.'
It was two weeks before the wedding and the bride was starting to get if not cold, maybe tepid feet over the matter. So she asked God for a sign to tell her what to do and waited. Looking back, maybe she should have been more specific in her request.
She  should have known, when the church secretary phoned and said Pastor Steve was being held in Monroe state prison after being caught by two undercover policewomen posing as mother and (15 year old,) daughter. adn that they would have to find a new officiant. They should have known when the flowers wilted before they left the florist and the bride's ivory dress came back with bright pink splotches and a torn hemline. And lastsly they shouldhave known when people were 45 minutes late for the wedding becaue of mudslides.
But the bride was determined  and as we all know, a determined bride is not to be trifled with.


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we want part II!

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