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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

February in the Northwest

The convergence zone strikes again! About fifteen minutes ago, heavy wet snow started to fall and it looks like it's sticking. It went from overcast to dark in a few seconds and the air has that particular ozone smell that comes before lightning and thunder. I looked down at my arms and the tiny hairs on them are standing up already. Only one other time has that occurred; the day after my sister's wedding. I drove over the bridge next to the Indian Reservation and the sky went onyx black. The air was charged and I realized that I was over water in a hunk of metal. I could actually feel the hairs on the back of my  neck stand up and as it often does, my flight or fight instinct kicked in (for me, it's almost always flight since lightning is a much bigger opponent.)
If the snow sticks, I'm not driving to class. Last time that happened in January, I got home by the skin of my teeth. Cars spun out all over the road and I had to back down the main hill from the freeway twice. However, my rule of putting the car in low gear and never stopping seemed to work fairly well. I'm a dedicated student, but if I wreck the car and break my leg, I can promise more class will be missed than if I don't go today. I thought after I got out of the K-12 system this waiting would cease, but it seems like Universities are even worse. Maybe it is because they still think most students live within walking distance. In my class we have three people who could walk home but it would be a hike (not to mention the lovely neighborhood they would have to traipse through)
So, here's my question::
If it snows, can thunder and lightning also occur? I'm thinking yes because there was a rapid temperature shift.

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don't forget the snow!