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Monday, February 21, 2011

Cartoons and Music Appreication 101

TCM is airing Oscar nominees and last night there were some cartoons. I forgot how much music I learned from old Warner Bros. cartoons. For example, anytime someone tiptoes, it is accompanied by violin pizzicato. If a sudden influx of work comes along, there is the opening to Sing Sing Sing. All owls wear mortar boards, and all animals either wear no clothes, or just the top. Why on earth does Porky Pig need a hat and wool jacket with no pants. Cartoon or not, that's indecent exposure. I learned some of the great classical pieces while watching Bugs elude and trick Elmer FuddWhich brings me to another cartoon rule: the bad guy must always have a speech impediment.And why, after all of the problems he has with the ACME company, does Wille E. Coyote continue to purchase from them. I suppose they are the only suppliers of modern dayand catapults and anvils for the Coyote on a budget. Why didn't he save his money and get a some steaks? That roadrunner looks like he'd be pretty stringy to me.
Can anyone else enlighten us on cartoon music and rules?


Anonymous said...

They always play that William Tell overture with the oboe when the sun rises.

Anonymous said...

what about the marriage of Figaro, they liked that one too.