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Monday, February 21, 2011

Friday and Sat Night TV

I sometimes wonder if the networks and cable companies are punishing those of us who stay in on Fridays or Saturday night by offering horrible programming. On Friday, I was down with this blasted flu and  thought that The Ricky Gervais Show would be a nice diversion. It wasn't funny at all. The premise of Karl saying funny things and they other two discussing it was ok at first. But now, all that Ricky does is call him an idiot, cackle loudly, and swear at him. This week, Ricky called Carl a whiner because he mentioned that he just got out of hospital for several kidney stones.  I say this: leave the show to Carl and the tall guy and Ricky and his ego could take up at least three more shows. I like satire, improv, etc., but mean-spirited ridicule is not that funny.

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Anonymous said...

did you see the award show he did? Not funny; I was disappointed.