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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Sun in February

For the first time this quarter, I drove to class and it was sunny. Spring seems to come suddenly about mid February with purple crocuses, daffodils, and trees starting to bud everywhere. I'll miss the blooming of the cherry trees at the UW and walking by them as the pink-white petals flutter down. Everett CC's university center block doesn't have any real beauty; it's strictly business. Constructed out of a block of cement, there is nothing to distract anyone from learning. The white walls, gray floors, and, florescent lighting make everything look sterile and cold. Unlike other university settings, with a hub and student gatherings, night school is made up of people who are there to take classes and very little else.
Everett is home to potentially stunning views. The Cascade Mountains to the north are framed by miles of trees in the distance. Broadway is a bleak strip of dive bars,smoke shops, tattoo parlors, chain restaurants, and 24 hour bail bonds storefronts. I always have wondered why every tattoo parlor seems to have at least two people at any given time loitering outside it. Are they somehow advertising the shop with their awesome tattoos? Are tattoo parlors nothing but protective fronts for dangerous goings on inside like crocheting lessons or elderly jazz dance?
I stopped at a fast food drive through a few months ago and a prominent sign next to the drinks section read, "We regret that we cannot serve those on foot or bicycle." When I got to the window, it was covered with a series of mesh fences.
"Two fifty eight," he said.
As I handed him the cash I couldn't help but ask, "Do you really have a problem with  bikes?"
He nodded, "We get tweakers and sometimes they'll make a dive for the cash register," and  handed me my diet coke.
I don't stop  for a soda in that area anymore.

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