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Monday, February 21, 2011


Growing up as a gen xer, I noticed how many people had the same names. In my graduating class there were at least forty Jeffs, 50 Joshes, 30 Jasons,  and 15 Scotts. It was probably just coincidence, but we thought there was more to it than that.  So, my sister and I came up with a system for names. Jason, Jeff and Scott were generally jerks. Most of the Joshes were jerks too except those of Jewish background; they had the same chance of being good or bad as anyone else.  Using our scientific methods we scoured every year book and made lists off all the boys with the correct names. Our research proved to be prescient and through my adult life, I still assume that any man with one of those names will be awful. I've tried to go out with a few Jeffs and even one Jason in the hopes that their names were not really that important. Again, though, my research has shown the hypothesis to be spot on.
We even identified people of our parents' generation and found that Rons were usually used car salesmen dressed in plaid suits. I still keep that list in my head and am surprised when I meet a Josh, Jason, Scott or Jeff who are good guys.  Because they somehow have avoided the curse of their name, we decided to call these decent guys Ronomalies. To use it in a sentence: "You know what, Jeff was really nice, polite, all around cool . He's a real ronamoly."'


Anonymous said...

What about women? Don't they have a similar pattern?

Anonymous said...

Too funny.

Sunny June said...

haha funny analysis. my blind date for my 18th bday was named Jeff.. and the first thing he asked me literally, "whats your girl friend name? can i hook up with her?".. not really a good sign.

And I also know a guy named Jason.. hes been my penpal for 8 years now!!.. and hes still single even he has all the traits a typical woman would want seemingly.. strange ha

Katie said...

What a classy guy Sunny! Why didn't you tell him?:)