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Thursday, February 24, 2011

the Inquisitor

The Inquisitor:  Often this species is just nervous and because the whole chat scenario does feel a bit like a job interview, one cuts the inquisitor a bit more slack at first.  Many Inquisitors end up being perfectly nice normal men.
typical Pick up line:
Where did you go to school, what you mean by social justice, what is your ideal partner like? Do you like Korean food, how tall are you? Oh, and is it true what they say about redheads? It must be great to be able to see in the dark and land on your feet whenever you fall, that must be good to have."
Female: “No, that would be a cat. Here are some answers to your questions”


Anonymous said...

Maybe the red hair confuses them.

Anonymous said...

At least he's intested right?

Sunny June said...

haha yeah he seemed interested in.. interrogating you lol..