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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Lots of Love

Jason and his young son Cody had not spoken much since Cody's mother had brought home a guy she called uncle Ted. After the divorce was finalized, Jason started writing e-mails to Cody every few days. Speaking to colleagues one day, Jason was choked up when he read his son’s e-mail aloud. “Hi dad today was pretty good. I saw this dog with three legs. How does he get around? LOL”
“Lots of love,” Jason said tearing up, “We used to say that all the time to him when he was a baby. That is so sweet of him to say. Thank goodness we can finally get along.”
No one had the heart to correct him and Jason continued on in the belief that he and his son were finally connecting after the traumatic divorce. He too would end his e-mails with the missive. “Hi  buddy, I’m really proud of your grades and I’ll see you Friday night. LOL, dad.”
The next Monday Jason would return to work complaining that Cody always looked confused or maybe suspicious during all of their conversations.
“It’s like he’s waiting for the other shoe to drop.”
Later that week, we saw Jason crying on the phone. His father had been in a horrible accident and was not expected to live. His was mostly concerned with telling Cody. He e-mailed him right away.
“Hi pal, granpop was in a bad accident and he’s really sick. Your mom says it’s ok for me to pick you up so we can visit him. He’ll be glad to see you. He has a bunch of bad owwies all over but the doctors are taking good care of him. LOL-”

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