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Thursday, February 24, 2011

The Amateur Pick up Artist

The Amateur Pick up Artist: A man has taken a class or read a book on how to pick up women, use them, and discard them. Often he is a misogynist, and a misanthrope at the same time. Think about the audience for the Tom Cruise character in Magnolia and you won’t be far off. Often the pickup artist married young and has been divorced for a few years. His game hasn’t evolved since high school and neither has his personality. He can be distinguished from other men by peacocking which usually means he wears a weird hat, a  feather boa, or a slightly naughty belt buckle to draw the eye to the groin region. To seem even more alternative, he often paints his nails black. This species appears especially slimy and is guilty of invading other people's olfactory space by dousing himself in Axe body spray.Unlike the locust who at least thinks he is being honest, the APA is a ruthless jerk with some deep seeded issues about women.
Typical Pickup Line
“You’re kind of attractive I guess and probably somewhat intelligent, but what else do you have going for you? I don’t think you’re good enough for me.” (All said while playing with a feather boa or  adjusting a ridiculous hat.)

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