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Thursday, February 24, 2011

The Self-Proclaimed Genius

The Self-Proclaimed Genius: This species is made up almost entirely of computer techs that make more than I ever will after earning a one year degree. His insecurity about the lack of formal education and the need to always be right leads him to pronounce psychiatric diagnosis on people he has just met. He must be the authority on everything.  To be happy, he must be seen doing these scholarly things. He writes his profile partly in Haiku or discusses why he doesn’t believe in TV. (It still believes in you though SPG!). The SPG has many affectations, but the most frequent, is the use of the phrase, “well I read a study,” when ever someone questions him. 
 Anyone who disagrees with him isto be pitied and reviled for their ignorance of such important topics as locking a car door once inside. He believes himself to be a sage council. His uniform usually consists of concert or event t-shirts, sock shoes for everyday where, and one pair of jeans. Often a serious game player, he spends most of his free time either talking to online friends or playing WoW.
A typical pickup line:

"I see that you are working on your masters. I have a year of college, but I taught myself everything I need to now and I can more than hold my own with Ph.ds in any subject. Well, teaching though, that's not really an academic area; it's more of craft like woodworking or a trade like plumbing. It looks pretty easy and you know what they say, those that can, do, those that can't teach. Did you notice that my profile was written in the form of a sonnet? I like to study political theory, economics, and game theory… (Long pause,) for fun. (this statement is supposed to awe the female but typically it leaves her wanting to laugh.) You have a cat; I have two feline lap seeking missiles. Wink. I don't think you're smart enough for me, but I suppose I could try and tutor you because let's face it, you are pretty hawt.”


Anonymous said...

I like the engineer's glasses. All he needs now is a carpal tunnel splint and a Dungeons and Dragons t-shirt.

Anonymous said...



how do you get this rolling effect
with a static back ground pic
luv the layout
welcome your help.


Katie said...

Thanks. I just chose the background in the design section and chose the pic. Sorry I can't be of more help.